EGU Natural Hazards blogpost – May 2021

Have you seen our blogpost on the EGU website?

The 3DDD team were recently invited to contribute a blogpost to the Natural Hazards division of the European Geophysical Union (EGU). In the EGU’s own words: “This blog serves as a platform for the natural hazards community to share news, events, and activities, as well as updates on the latest research.”

Our blogpost gives some background on drought globally and then focuses on northeast Brazil. We go on to describe our 3DDD methodology for diagnosing drought to better deal with drought.

The blogpost is titled: “Diagnosing drought in northeast Brazil”

You can find the blog at the link below or by clicking on the preview here –>

While you are there, we recommend having a look at the other blogposts on the EGU-NH website. There are a lot of great research articles and interviews.

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