“Drought diagnosis: what the medical sciences can teach us” Have you seen our latest paper? Just published in Earth’s Future – a journal with a high impact factor of 7.495 – in their own words: “Earth’s Future is a transdisciplinary, Gold Open Access journal examining the state of the planet and its inhabitants, sustainable andContinue reading “NEW 3DDD PAPER in EARTH’S FUTURE journal:”

New 3DDD Paper!

Droughts in monitoring systems may be more circumstantial than they appear All celebrative pies have been cooked and eaten. The PhD-allowance-budget-friendly champagne, popped. The very first published paper of my PhD – and its various media declinations – overly Tweeted, LinkedIned, ResearchGated. What was missing was this blogpost. In our paper, our main message isContinue reading “New 3DDD Paper!”

Finally, fieldwork is possible!

Visit to Ceará, Northeast Brazil – November-December 2021 Eventually, after waiting a long time, towards the end of last year we received permission to visit Ceará. COVID-19 levels were considered to have declined sufficiently, vaccination rates were high enough, and mandatory precautions were established enabling our visit. Despite working closely together over the last yearContinue reading “Finally, fieldwork is possible!”

‘The joy of an in-person conference!’

The 1st Sociohydrology Conference, Delft, The Netherlands – September 2021 After more than a year and a half of online conferences, online workshops, webinars, Zoom, Teams, and myriad other virtual meeting programs, attending a conference actually in-person was a great pleasure. My nervousness about whether I could remember how to have a conversation with aContinue reading “‘The joy of an in-person conference!’”

‘Advertising your research in 2 minutes’

The new EGU General Assembly presentation format – April 2021 vEGU2021 For the second year in a row, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic meant the EGU General Assembly was held virtually with no in-person attendance. However, the online format enabled vEGU21 to last for a week longer than usual, from 19-30 April 2021, and have moreContinue reading “‘Advertising your research in 2 minutes’”

EGU Natural Hazards blogpost – May 2021

Have you seen our blogpost on the EGU website? The 3DDD team were recently invited to contribute a blogpost to the Natural Hazards division of the European Geophysical Union (EGU). In the EGU’s own words: “This blog serves as a platform for the natural hazards community to share news, events, and activities, as well asContinue reading “EGU Natural Hazards blogpost – May 2021”

AGU online poster presentation of 3DDD – December 2020

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic meant the AGU General Assembly from 1-17 December 2020 was online only. It was unfortunate not to be able to attend the conference and share some of our first finding related to the 3DDD project. Poster title: From meteorological to reservoir drought: The influence of a dense network of unmonitored smallContinue reading “AGU online poster presentation of 3DDD – December 2020”

EGU online presentation of the 3DDD project – May 2020

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic meant the EGU General Assembly from 4-8 May 2020 was online only. It was unfortunate not to be able to attend the conference and deliver our presentation about the 3DDD project face-to-face, in addition to missing out on the excellent discussions that follow these sessions. However, hopefully the presentation reached aContinue reading “EGU online presentation of the 3DDD project – May 2020”

3DDD Kickoff meeting – July 2019 – Ceará

Even though Brazil is known as a tropical country with abundant forest and with approximately 12% of the world’s fresh water reserves, there are semi-arid regions including a large part of the northeast and a small part of the southeast of the country. These regions are affected by water shortage which has been amplified byContinue reading “3DDD Kickoff meeting – July 2019 – Ceará”