Germano Ribeiro Neto

PhD researcher (D2) – Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands

I am a Ph.D. student with a background in remote sensing, hydrology, and civil engineering. I focus on the analysis of the human influence on the evolution and intensification of drought events by combining remote sensing products, hydrological modeling, and Agent-Based Models. My specific focus is on the role of small, informal reservoirs. These reservoirs have an interesting role; on the one hand they are a drought coping mechanism, while on the other hand they can aggravate drought impact.

My role on 3DDD is to analyze at watershed-scale the onset, intensification, and evolution of drought events considering not only the physical aspects of a hydrological system but also the human dimensions. To achieve this, I am developing a socio-hydrological model that will couple agent-based modeling to traditional hydrological models. This model will allow for a more detailed analysis of the semi-arid environment, since it will be possible to consider the hydrological impact of small reservoirs on the hydrologic system, thereby providing more accurate information to decision-makers.

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