Lieke Melsen

Assistant professor – Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands

I am a researcher and lecturer at the Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management group on the topic of Computational Hydrology. My research focuses on the use of hydrological models. This includes applying hydrological models to explore dynamics and interactions, but I also evaluate the use itself. For instance by investigating how and why  modelers use models, and if their personal preferences steer the results. This work is at the intersection of hydrological sciences and science and technology studies, and involves the modelling work itself, but also techniques such as bibliometric analyses and interviews. 

My role on 3DDD involves supervision of PhD students. We explore the interesting dynamics between humans and the hydrologic system, and try to capture that in a modelling framework, and conduct bibliometric analyses to explore the relation between drought drivers and drought impacts. What I enjoy most, and still learn from every day, is the interdisciplinary nature of this project, using research techniques from many different disciplines.

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