Louise Cavalcante

PhD researcher (D3) – Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands

I am a PhD student with an interdisciplinary background in politics, sustainability management and ecology. I focus on understanding the human influences on the environment that contributes to (or hamper) the sustainable development.

My role in 3DDD is to build bridges among different actors’ perspectives about drought management. It involves a multi-level analysis of the society influences on drought. At the national level, understanding the role of public managers’ decisions regarding water-related issues. At the state level, I will analyze from the perspectives of the water basin committees, and, finally, at the local level, I will consider the farmers’ perspective. This analysis will emerge from data collected by interviews and serious gaming sessions. The Sustainable Development Goals will be applied to illustrate the impacts of drought on human dimensions. Such as the challenges to obtaining water for domestic uses  (part of goal 6), can also affect food production (part of goal 2), and the income generation (part of goal 10). The link with the SDGs will help to understand the trade-offs that people face when they are dealing with long drought periods.

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